вторник, 12 июля 2011 г.

Deadly Totalizator

Prelude: BitCoins very well suited to the calculation for wrongful acts as provide complete anonymity for all parties, for example, the largest online store in the drug trade (Silk Road) uses BitCoins.

The article does not call for illegal activities, all of the matches are random,names have been changed. Purpose of the article - to show the possibility of creating such a system right now.

I have an idea of betting - betting on the exact date and time of death of a specific person.

That is, anyone can make a bet on the death of any person by writing the price and date / time. Someone can support and add more money andprediction. When dialing a big pot, some people can come, put the date andtime money, and then go and kill the object at this time. We have a winner.

Everyone will encrypt your private key rate and publishes the encrypted message and public key. Members receive this link, it is stored in a databaseraspredelnnoy between the parties.
When the prediction wins, everything is already know that the owner's public key is the winner. Administration publishes a manual, encrypted public keywinner, who won decrypts the private key, and knows how to get money.

Because the everyone knows the predictions, someone may prevent, try to protect the object, however, due to the large number of predictions, do it in practice will be difficult.

Money - it BitCoins. Translated into a common pot, encrypted public key administration, won receives the instruction, an encrypted public key winner, with a private key administration, it decrypts with his private key, obtains the private key of the administration, thus gains access to the boiler with the money. Therefore, it is only able to transfer money from the boiler to yourself.

Why is this tote is needed, well, for example, a clerk makes unpopular actions, we can say bad is corrupt, etc. People do not like it, they start to bet, raise, raise, and when accumulated a good bank, the killer makes a prediction on the time / date, and kills the object at this time. Killer gets money anonymously, the official is dead, everyone is happy.

Administration in the case of inspections by the authorities can notincriminate himself and to "forget" the key or the key to the boiler must be done within the framework of decentralized administration, and if the administration will be scattered across the globe, then it will be very difficult to pick up the key, so as to introduce it should be in pieces, each member of the administration.

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  1. Анонимный12 июля 2011 г., 1:11

    Bitcoins are very nice!

  2. Everyone got special bidding method. In Poland, in Lotto I've got my 6 favourite numbers and I bet only them.

  3. They are nice and all, but their value can easily fall and you will be left with about 1 dollar of your 100+ bitcoins.

  4. It already exists. They're called assassination markets or sometimes death pools.

  5. I have just recently heard about these! Very cool, but also sounds a little sketchy with the things you can buy with them. Following you btw nice blog

  6. Sounds scary for some reason. interesting though.

  7. Bitcoin's a very nice thing :) I hope more people start using it soon.

  8. I really need to look more into this Bitcoin business.

  9. I've heard of it. Bitcoin mining is incredibly easy, and if you don't want to use them, then give your bitcoins to someone who wants them :-)

  10. Just found out this bitcoins thing today and u already write creppy stories here :D

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