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"Chinese" manufacturers at MWC 2011

Handset manufacturers from China, constantly produce a huge number of various clones of popular models and then offer them to various exhibitionsworldwide. In most cases, good uncles of the big cellular companies, whooften choose the cheaper tubes, buy them in large numbers, put back his"brand" and sell outside of China.
In this material will talk about fashion trends in the copy that is on thosemodels that are popular with Chinese manufacturers. Below you can see allof the phone, from the popular iPhone clones 4, clamshells to Sharp for the Japanese market. All photos were taken by journalists site

The company - Konka

  In my opinion, one of the biggest producers, among those represented in the MWC. On the stand Konka could find different variations of smart phones, a couple of children's phones and many clamshells

The company - Mastone
Phones from this manufacturer will be pleased with their owners qualitybuild, in some models use plastic with soft-touch. Among the modelspresented Mastone at MWC have a couple of pretty interesting, at least atfirst glance, Tablet running Android.

Almost all phones that have reported the Chinese manufacturers are equipped with a capacitive touch screen type, 3.2 "with a resolution of 320x480 pixels, the camera 3 to 5 megapixels, modules, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and running the operating system Android 2.2. All these devices areperfectly fit into the line of low cost phones for Android. Perhaps they will be able to press more eminent company in this market segment

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